Daily Archives: August 12, 2017

Self-Care Saturday: Video Games

Do you like to play video games? I do. So does my husband. Yes, we’re those millennials.

I also really haven’t played them since my daughter was born. My husband plays every chance he gets. He has made it much more of a priority, because his friends – especially those from home, who I stole him away from- play a lot and he uses it to keep in touch. I’m cool with that, but I’ve been super jealous because Baby Girl will leave him alone and let him play, but throws a fit if I even sit down at a computer.

Until this week, that is! It has taken almost two years but I have finally convinced this child that I am still watching her and can still play with her even if I’m at the computer.

Now my husband and I can actually take turns being at the computer and I can play my video games again!

She’s actually even a little bit interested in watching me play now, though she’s a bit young still to understand. I am thrilled about that – some of my first and best memories are of playing Nintendo and Sega Genesis with my mom!